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Innovative Solutions for Your Business

We specialize in drone manufacturing, software and design. We strive to offer our customers the most advanced drone technology, including custom designs with advanced autonomy and precise GPS systems. Our team of professionals is ready to develop drone systems that best suit your needs, including aerial solutions with supported imaging systems.


With our dedicated ground control station software, image processing software and flight control software, you can be sure that the drone will be unique to all your requirements. Our expert team provides support in all matters with its professional approach and fast response times. We serve our customers with the most optimum solutions and user-friendly applications and interfaces.



Get Drone Training from an Expert!

We offer pioneering training with our professional trainers and expert technical staff. We provide a wide range of training, from applied drone construction training, which is carried out for the first time in Turkey, to artificial intelligence-supported autonomous drone training and software training.

We work to offer special solutions to our customers. With our special R&D service, we offer creative solutions that suit your needs.


Our comprehensive training program includes drone construction training, trainer training, drone coding training, autonomous drone control training, simulation, artificial intelligence training, robotic coding and scientific project writing training. We offer you the highest quality education service with our extensive knowledge and experience. Training processes are prepared in full detail and a participant certificate is given in all of our trainings. Please contact us to access our training portfolio.


We enable you to improve yourself in drone technology with our theoretical and practical training. In our training on drone coding and drone construction, we offer you a special training program face-to-face or online. We work with our expert trainers to help you specialize from scratch in subjects such as coding and construction of drones. In addition to comprehensive training programs, we also provide practical training.


We Design the Future Now!

MAYFly Aviation is constantly working on new R&D projects to shape the future of drone technology. These projects are carried out by following the latest technological developments in the sector and directing these developments. Our R&D team follows global trends closely and develops innovative drone solutions in the light of this information.


Our R&D studies are not limited only to technological developments. At the same time, we aim to develop creative solutions for user needs. For example, with innovative products such as the Drone Training Kit, we provide students and professionals with information they can use in practice. These solutions are designed to address real-world problems faced by users.


Special Drone Production

You Imagine, We Produce!


Expert Opinion for High Technology

Our experts work with you to achieve the best possible results and ensure your experience with us is as seamless as possible. We are ready to support you in many matters.


Drone technology is a professional field used in many different industries. Therefore, companies developing projects in this field may need technological consultancy services. As MAYFly Aviation and R&D, we guide you at every stage of your projects with our expert staff who have extensive knowledge of drone technology. By closely following the latest technological developments and trends, we ensure the successful completion of your projects.


Each project presents its own unique challenges and requirements. Therefore, step-by-step guidance and support is required for projects to be completed successfully. As MAYFly Aviation and R&D, we provide you with technical and strategic support from the concept phase to the implementation phase of your project. Our expert team anticipates the difficulties you may encounter at every stage of your project and guides you to overcome these difficulties.

We know that not every business needs the same drone solution. That's why our Custom Drone Manufacturing service is here to develop a custom system that meets your exact needs.

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